Interested in a challenge? Then get excited for the ARKS Boost Rally, happening May 13th! Read this article to learn more about these boosts!

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If you’re interested in testing your might, or just on the hunt for some upgrades, then prepare yourself for the ARKS BOOST RALLY! During this event, each time you complete certain ADVANCE QUESTS you’ll be awarded a set percentage towards an increase in EXP earned and Rare Drop Rate chance! While there is a cap to the amount of Boost you can earn, this event invites operatives to form a group with their Alliance or friends to tackle these challenging Quests!

In addition, we’ll also be providing those who log-in during the campaign period with Advance Capsules so they can keep Questing for Boost! So gather your party and prepare yourselves! To learn more about Advance Quests, see this page.

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Beginning: 5/13 (after the maintenance.)

Ending: 5/26 (beginning of maintenance.)

Qualifying Quests:

  • Advance Directive: Volcanic Caverns
  • Advance Directive: Coast
  • Advance Directive: Daybreak Province

Required Difficulties and Boost increments:

  • Very Hard (VH): 10%
  • Super Hard (SH): 20%

Required Rank upon Quest Clear:

  • Rank A or above


The maximum Boost you can achieve is 150% during an ARKS Boost Rally. A “set” is considered to be all three qualifying quests on any combination of Super Hard (SH) and Very Hard (VH) difficulty. You’ll notice that completing a set of SH Quests once your Arks Boost Rate (ABR) Effect is at 90% will allow you to reach the maximum. When at 140%, however, you cannot just do 1 VH Quest, since you are required to complete three of the qualifying quests to gain the ABR Effect those quests granted you.

A willing Arks helped us out by gathering information for the examples below:

  • Volcanic Caves on VH + Coast on VH + Daybreak Province on VH = 30% ABR Effect applied

  • Volcanic Caves on VH + Coast on SH + Daybreak Province on VH = 40% ABR Effect applied

Another operative chose to gather this information for us as to use as an example:

  • Volcanic Caves on VH + Coast on VH + Coast on SH + Daybreak Province on VH = 40%

The set has been completed, but why hasn’t this operative earned 50%? The reason for this is that the Boost increment earned from completing the Coast on Super Hard (20%) effectively replaced the Boost increment earned from completion of the Coast on Very Hard (10%.) When repeating a Quest on a different difficulty, the Boost increment from the harder difficulty will be applied once all 3 Qualifying Quests are completed. Therefore, instead of 10% earned, he earned 20% for the Coast Qualifying Quest part of the set. Had he done this quest last, instead of second, it would have qualified as part of the next set, were he to continue.


To check your Boost progress, you can take the following steps:

  • Select “Amplified Quests” under the Sub Quest menu when at the Quest Counter.

  • When highlighting that category, you’ll see the ARKS Boost Rate (ABR) Effect percentages listed.

*You are required to complete a whole set of Quests on any combination of difficulties to have your progress count towards your ABR Effect.

**The ABR Effect will only apply to the Qualifying Quests.

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As many operatives know, Advance Quests require Advance Capsules. Therefore, during this time ARKS will be providing a special incentive to get your ABR Effect! When logging in for the first time during this campaign you’ll receive a plethora of Advance Capsules delivered to your Visiphone!


*Requirements must be met between the end of maintenance on 5/13 and the beginning of maintenance on 5/26.

**Rewards are distributed after meeting the above requirement and they will be sent to the “Receive Campaign Items” of your Visiphone.

*** Campaign rewards need to be claimed before a set deadline, visit your Visiphone in-game for more information about specific rewards.

Prepare yourselves operatives! ARKS Boost is coming! See you in the field!

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-The PSO2 Team