Accessory recommendations?

@ERICK001BC I'm not looking to buy a new (or even used) controller so long as the one I have still works. I haven't got that kind of budget, plus I've used an Elite controller at a friend's house. Aside from being extremely awkward to use (if I'm going to learn a new "control style" I might as well learn mouse and keyboard rather than un-learning how to use a controller) as I understand it those aren't "extra" buttons so much as redundant A, B, X, and Y buttons tucked under the controller do you don't have to move your thumb off the right control stick to press those buttons. Which honestly hasn't been too big an issue since using the "lock on" feature with the left bumper means I don't need the right stick to "aim" while charging up Techs or PAs using the X or Y buttons. I use A for jumping which really doesn't require a lot of "aim/look" use as it's not like there's a lot of nuanced control once airborne, and B is the "interact" button which again doesn't require a lot of fine aim/look control. So really all those redundant flipper buttons wouldn't be much help.

@zaffy2005 Gotcha, Was just throwing the idea out there.

@ERICK001BC Basically I've got somewhere around $60 in Amazon credit and I'm looking to replace a headset that's getting buggy (so that's the bigger priority) and get a chatpad that works as well as a normal keyboard (specifically when it comes to holding down a key to charge Techs/PAs) that also works with the headset and game audio (something the Old Skool brand chatpad I have doesn't do, possibly it's a bad unit, possibly it's just the brand). And I want to have as much of that credit left over afterwards because basically that's all the money I have. My only "income" right now are Bing Points (which I use primarily to keep my LIVE subscription going) and taking surveys for Amazon credit. Got no job, haven't been able to find work since 2011 because small towns suck for job opportunities, so...yea. Working with an EXTREMELY tight budget here so needless upgrades (like buying a new controller while the one I have still works) or "planning ahead" for a future console upgrade that I'm likely not going to be able to get for years anyway just isn't a priority right now. And that's why the definition of "budget friendly" is so rock-bottom. If I have to splurge at all, I'm just going to have to do without, you know?


I mean Thank you for sharing, I am really sorry to hear that. I know you must be looking right now but yeah the economy is pretty shit right now. I know a few friends doing online work from home, or some are even selling small things on ebay, every little bit helps. I know others waiting for that new check that got approved and such.

I'll keep looking. I am sure well be able to find something that can work for you, and I am sure with how amazing the community is that well think of ways to help.

@ERICK001BC Heh, yea a check would be nice but those only go to people who filed income tax last year or at least aren't being claimed as a dependent (which, sad to say, I am). But, who knows, Maybe with so many people being too paranoid to go back to work there will be more openings.


Gotcha, well stay strong.

With some research I have noted that the chat pad does allow for customization to input certain commands and new buttons, But I yet to figure out if held inputs work.