can we please have a better way of getting 11-12* pets?

I am spent. I've got max arksbonus from the event. I've done every UQ that i've been on for. I've blown through 100% triboots +250rdrs, with the bonuses. Not one pet above 10*, at this rate i'd be happy with an 11* pet .

All my other classes have some sort of incentive to grind. Affixing weapons, 13*'s to combine and play around with. Farming badges, currency for several viable end game weapon choices.

Summoner, gets all their pets before hitting level cap. 3 client orders to promote to 10* and the rest are drops. Can't trade in badges, candy's are limited to quests on some, and outside of finishing up pancakes there is no grind at all.

Can we please at least get 11* pets as some sort of currency exchange? nothing is more disheartening then having 20 summoner excubes and seeing a level 60 summoner with a 12 star pet while I am still creeping along with my 10* wanda.

It'll get better. The issue with SU right now is that it's an episode 4 class and as such most ways to get stuff they need is from episode 4 content. Once NA gets ep 4 it'll be much MUCH better.

Summoner has always been in a bit of an awkward position. However, in JP it's "solved" because of various collect files for high * eggs.

I thought you could do those client order documentation quest for 11 star eggs. From the help desk where you get the extreme passes.