PC Hype! Soon (tm) What Ship and Class will you be starting your adventure with?

I'm picking any ship other than ship2. I didn't like the majority of the English community in the JP version. Ship1 or whatever the most popular ship outside of 2 is for EQs.

Ship 2 will be my best choice for now. If there is a specific RP community out there, then I will definitely join them!

Going Ship 1 with a group of my friends. Starting out as a BO 🙂

Unsure which ship yet.. but I guess the one I can get my caseal name in xD At this point, it's a tradition dating back from PSO1.

Oh, and going Gu for starters. Probably Gu/Hu.

Ship 2 for life(the JP life chose for me) - prolly a human bouncer or deuman braver, we'll see.

Hello Everyone.

        Oh What a journey it's been! It's been 8 years and now Come May 27th We'll have to wait no longer!

I have been a huge fan Ever since Phantasy Star Online was Released on Dreamcast all those years ago. From there I played V2.0 I've Played EP1&2 On XboxLive then I played Blue Burst on PC as well as Phantasy Start Univers on PC. I Played PSO2 on the JP Servers a little before I stepped away because I lost my password. But I have to wait only a few more days.

So if anyone wants to Create a Team or Has already or Even if you just want to play, level, quest Message me

I am going to role a Newman Force! And cast Thundara-wrong game but it will do...

I'm going to play Newman Summoner. I'm still thinking if I should go on ship 1 or 2. I'm on ship 2 in jp so idk if I should stick with ship 2 or not.

Ship is easy: If Ship 4 is being opened, that's where I'll be. It seems like most new players after next maintenance are heading there so it'll be the best blend of a perfectly fresh ship and a good volume of players. If Ship 4 isn't being opened, I'll have a difficult and frankly depressing decision to make between the other three.

Race, I'm not sure. Online and Universe severely punished my starting choice as newmans were the clear weakest race in both. I see Online 2 does a LOT to remedy almost all of the reasons why, but in spite of my history with the series I'm scared to have the same regret a third time. Moreover I'm no fan of how Online and beyond changed them into magical space elves. I think I'm wavering between human and cast at the moment.

Class, I'm not really thinking too much about because I'm sure I'll find my preference when I get to play. For now I'm quite liking the thematic ideas of both Gunner and Bouncer so I'll probably start with those to see how they feel, and find out if there's any issues with lag that make those or other classes more pragmatic options.

So really I'm just taking my time between now and Wednesday to settle on a decision. I wonder what I will choose in the final days?

@Miraglyth welcome to the forums!

Glad to see you decided to join us.

2 days.... 2 2 2 2 PSO2 is coming :O!

Still a lot of unanswered questions:

  • Are we getting founder packs if so do you know when?
  • Will pre-download be available
  • How many new ships (If any will there be)


Optional packs are gonna be avaiable once the game's released going off of microsoft store

Pre-download doesn't look like it's going to be offered unfortunately cuz they will be doing maintenance from 23:00 tuesday to 06:00 wednesday PDT, which is just excellent timing to ensure nobody gets to play at midnight 😛

It's after tomorrow!