New advance quest

I literally just spent my only 10 e capsules to fight the first 12 people on screen and pso loses connection. Not my internet but pso servers went down literally as I was fighting and I think it's because the way the coded everything and it doesnt run correctly on xbox one x or something but it isnt fair I used my only 10 e caps to loose them now i can even do it anymore because i dont have anymore e caps nor do I know how to get them

To get more E capsules, you need to do at least one of:

Buy them from the item merchant for 70,000 mesesta each (A bad deal)

Go on an advance quest that costs D capsules and kill mobs for drops.

Go on an advance quest that costs A capsules and kill mobs, and then exchange the B capsules at a rate of 10 B for 1 E. (A less bad deal.)

You can also get them fairly cheaply from the alliance market.