Bouncer BiS(Best In Slot)?

Was just interested, with the NA PC release right around the corner, has anyone sat down and worked out what the best in each slot is? or atleast what is "Amazing" for something to aim for

Right now the ideal sets to use would be the lightning wolf set (tagami something lol) or the saiki set, with the lightning tho u need the weapon aswell to get full +100 stat bonus as it is 2 sets that equal it. I know personally I’m rockin the saiki set it gives 60 attack 25 pp and 80 dex..i have each piece +140 melee and use the form greaves which are at +140

Perfect! i had my eyes on either Saiki or Brissa, i think im so used to being dual blade on JP that i completely ignored the viability of JB, but yeah looking at it i have to agree Lightning Bolt set (on NA) looks perfect for JB

For Soaring Blades the best weapon right now is Twin Orochi when used on breakables. Here is a DPS chart for NA

Can either go nox soaring blades and get the 2nd potential that increase attack and critical rate on weak points and also 2nd Potential twin orochi Which increase crital damage and hit rate when on critical field If your making a crit bouncer