Bringing in JP Voice Tickets

@Mattwo7 Is there a list of what voices you can pick right now that are NPC voices?

@Vashzaron I don't think so but I'm pretty sure all the "Unique Voice" options are NPC ones.

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@Ranmaru That's sort of a surprising reaction! Having the original JP voice track is a given these days in almost anything.

I was personally taken back at the dub existing considering Sega's modern otaku focus, the content of this game and the logistics of its age and release.

I sort of imagine it was a Microsoft request foremost, but it is probably a good path to take considering I still feel like the release of this is to begin a worldwide path for PSO3. Sega has been doing a reasonable job of making up for earlier transgressions in recent years.

I think I just assumed since it was an NA release, that it might have a dub. This is probably because I have not been caught up with Sega's modern focus, and only really played Sonic Mania.

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@Ranmaru It might be an issue of overseas licensing since I believe voice actors in Japan have more say in where their voice can be used than Voice actors in the US. I am hoping there won't be any issues with this and that hopefully the issue is more in them wanting to get English voice tickets in addition to Japanese ones.

This is a good point, thank you for informing me.

@Ranmaru Apparently Sonic Forces comes with eleven languages in all regions (or at least the steam version does in all regions, I'm not sure about the console Japanese releases), including Japanese. Course, that's a game that was always intended to be released worldwide on Steam but apparently even the NA console versions have at least five langauges. (RIP French speaking Canadians playing PSO2, Sonic Forces NA has French but not PSO2NA?)