What ever happened to Pioneer 3 in the original PSO?

I always had a big interest in the story for the original PSO because there was a lot going on but you had to look for it to figure out how it all ties together. One thing that bothered me is that they never mentioned what happened with Pioneer 3.

You can see an image of it in the shop. There is a map (I think it was by the tekker) showing Pioneer 3 location in space. An NPC in Gallon's Shop quest says that Pioneer 3 is on it's way. Then, they never mention it in Episode 3 which is 20 years later. They also never mention it in Zero which is even further into the future.

I have even looked through Japanese media and found nothing. What do you guys think?

From What i remember from gc, it just says it left/took off. Maybe it's the setup fo PH03?

I never thought much of it. Was it ever stated how long it took Pioneer 2 to reach Ragol? Anyway I'm glad someone else knows Episode 3, I made a Tabletop Simulator version of it if you have Steam and wanna check it out!

Episode 4 added more to it but never got to finish it

On a somewhat unreleated note, I wish the CARD Weapon Camo could be used on Talis weapons. I mean I get why it's harmonizers (commanding a monster/spirit/pet) but...

@Hatsodoom I bought it thinking it worked on tails (like yu gi oh) only for me being disappointed on it being summoner only.

I mean I don't like it, but it makes sense... in two ways. Summon monsters, command your creatures. Oh also the monster cards were used by ARKZ decks.

@Hatsodoom Yeah I get it, but I didn't read the fine print on what weapons can change with it. Using Leaf in the Wind.