Hello, lifetime Te/Hu main here. Thought this might be cool to share. This is a video I made almost ~7 years ago, which was not long after the Techter class first became available (roughly).

This video displays what probably would have been close to "optimal" gameplay for a Te/Hu main in the very beginning era of the class's existence. You'll definitely notice a lot of things missing that you probably consider absolutely essential to your experience with the class today, but that's just how it was, we had to make do with what we were given at the time. Melee Techter was sort of a "meme" during this age. In fact, if you used a max power mag, there was only one single wand that you had the ability to even equip (which is the one featured in the video, the Badiran wand which was the only one that had a S-ATT requirement at the time of this video's creation). This means that taking advantage of elemental weakness back then was pretty difficult unless you were a traditionally T-ATT-based Techer with a Force sub. The design of the tree back then seemed to indicate that it was meant to be played as a more "support-ey" Force, which is initially how everyone played it. Here and there though, purely only due to the nominal value of wand gear when it came to Zondeel > Smacking, some melee-focused Techters began to pop out, but it was a criminally small number of people who were either interested or even considered it was a potential build, so this combination was for the most part completely unexplored during these times in any official way, as it didn't seem like SEGA intended for it to be based on the skill tree design.

Things you may or may not notice:

  • No element changing your wand through accessories
  • No Step Attack
  • No Crafting (so no upgraded buffs or spells)
  • No Wand Reactor or Wand Lovers
  • No Massive Hunter or Automate
  • Territory Burst is a CD
  • Wand Gear required actual building (Zan was considered one of the better tools for doing so)
  • No improved version of Shifta/Deband in terms of duration, Strike/Critical, or Deband Cut/Toughness.
  • No Wand Gear Element skill
  • Definitely no Wand PA

You'll notice a decent amount of spell casting to build gear or when playing it safe at range during moments that taking damage could be expected. Remember, we had no step attack, or wand lovers, meaning our gear was constantly depleting so you had to cast somewhat regularly to be able to power wand smacks, and you couldn't guarantee seamless quick-time dodging, and mirage dodge is pretty slow and janky to work with.

Kills in the video could be considered to be potentially slower than "time attack" kills due to the nature of trying to ensure no damage taken, definitely slower than your major true DPS classes like Fighter or even Force, but for the Te/Hu class maybe not that far off from typical solo times on bosses in what was then the highest difficulty (Very Hard! lol).

Anyway, thought this might be an interesting trip down memory lane! Enjoy!