Suggestion: Please stop trade-locking SG sale items or start bringing the AC scratches for said items so F2P players have more options to obtain them.

@LapisWave said in Suggestion: Please stop trade-locking SG sale items or start bringing the AC scratches for said items so F2P players have more options to obtain them.:

@Princesse-Jen said in Suggestion: Please stop trade-locking SG sale items or start bringing the AC scratches for said items so F2P players have more options to obtain them.:

I really hope they reconsider the item-bounding 😕 In general, the items are way too expensive for how much we can earn and there's so many items that only having such a limited time to save up for them is a huge pain.

weekly AC is also killing peoples wallets. I hope they'll go easy and keep it biweekly.

The weekly AC is going to keep going until they caught up with all the content. Whenever a old one leaves a new one comes out. This is the type of set up they want to try and spread everything out. Yes it is killing my meseta wallet as well.

@Alexandrious947 Haha of course people know whats going on. Companies need to make money and everyone on here is saying "Hey I know this is free to play, could you sweeten the deal so I don't leave?" You think they don't understand that? I mean I'm old fashioned, I prefer my pay-up-front single players games, but even I get how it's played. You're totally being the trope-y character in the corner that looks all haggard with alcohol in a bag "I used to be like you...". Anyways that was a nice monologue, you should try role playing in games, that's completely free and it's what some of my friends are doing.

@ERICK001BC While I understand the rush to catch us up, I do think there's better ways to do it.

Personally, I'm already really discouraged having missed out on a handful of things I had on the Japanese server due to the short availability of items coupled with the release schedule and time needed/costs (heck, I can't even get a straight answer on where some items came from due to the frequency).

And while I don't think I'll go back to the Japanese servers, it discourages me from even bothering to try to get the other items I missed when I'm already missing out on things.

If they want to keep the frequency up, fine, but at least give people longer to try and participate in it or confirm they will be back later at a better pacing once everything is at least available.

@Princesse-Jen I agree, but they have little by little re released some of the stuff that PC missed out on. Just recently they released stuff that was founders only, so makes me wonder. I guess it becomes a waiting game until the cycle returns. I guess it doesn't effect me to much since I do a lot of warframe and they have items on rotations. Done a lot better however considering the fresh finds shop system there is a market that you can access anytime once new items are added they just become part of the market.

Economy is manipulated for peoples profits just like a real economy is. People buy low- sell high. That's why there is item bounding on sale for some higher rarity items(weapons/armor).. They don't do this for scratch- but they make most of it consumable so less and less of that item is available. It should be how JP was- certain items were consumable in JP just like we have them here- but I think some items also became tradeable later- or were tradeable always that are consumable here as well.

Either way- it would be bad to change things that already exist- in the case of people holding onto things hoping to sell them and then the economy just crashes because suddenly everyone can obtain Pole Dance again.

@ERICK001BC I just wish they'd give an official statement on it.

I've been playing since the Xbox release, but just due to only having one Xbox and one available TV, I could not play it as often as the PC by any standards 😕 So it's super discouraging and I don't think there's any good reason to not manage it a bit better.

Just because of how things were done in Japan doesn't mean there shouldn't be a reason to try and do some things better or that work better for a certain audience. What works in Japan doesn't always work well here.

And honestly, cycling things will only just help keep more people around or start up versus people seeing everything already gone by and not wanting to bother. Even if everyone is able to get something for a while, that doesn't mean it can't go back up or even just have a more proper stabilized price over being ridiculously expensive.

@Princesse-Jen Yeah I still remembered you also missed out on that outfit you really wanted. It does suck and one can only hope it get's better.

@ERICK001BC Yeeep and also wasted on a bunch of Star Gems forgetting it wasn't the version you could recolor. At least if we could sell things, I could sell it to someone who may have liked it.

@Princesse-Jen Yeah, I have been taking turns with the mission pass with my sister so we could trade items just to find out 3 passes later that they where untradable.

@ERICK001BC Yea man that was so disappointing, I was saving up for friends! I found out you could at least trade them in for Mission Badges.

@Merelambasted Yeah but at that point you might have instead of getting the extra stuff picked up the star gems. But I really do wish that they become tradeable. I don't think you can even deposit them in the alliance storage for people to take.