This new SG Sale is Absolutely Wrong

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i also think SG is stupid and reeks of mobile gaming, stacking 2 different paid-able currency's in one game is bad

Yeeeah, I've never seen a good version for more than one premium currency and this really adds to it. I guess it's technically semi-premium, but with how little you can earn in-game, it doesn't feel that way. And we already had three currencies (Meseta, FUN Points, and AC) without adding a fourth one.

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The major problem and takeaway based on my screenshot is that in JP you literally earn SG so easily heck even almost every maintenance you get free SG (Logged in and claimed around 100+ SG free because of collective AC campaigns) whereas PSO2 NA there really is no way outside of the story mode and some titles to obtain SG.

This is probably due to the "Fresh Finds" option which is used to introduce costumes/accessories similar to a catch-up method but unfortunately they're terribly overpriced with the current example requesting 800SG (around 40$) for some AC obtain-able costume which is less than 1m in PSO2 JP. If you're all outraged about the lack of SG then you should continue to voice your feedback to them (PSO2 NA staff)

It'd probably be a good idea to make a topic in the In-Game suggestions essentially citing either more ways to earn them/all the ways you can in Japan and/or drastically lowering the prices along with reconsidering making the items untradeable. I feel like the price lowering should be considered regardless if only because only a day to buy some items sucks (I know I've already missed out on some things I've wanted) and there's SO MUCH to re-introduce to the game.


Someone has already made a thread about it but as always I believe a GM stated they gave the feedback to staff and suggested that it's being heard. I find that funny especially in light of recent events i.e 'PC launch fiasco' & its lack of any form of compensation unless I missed/forgot but we didn't receive any. A similar issue happened on PSO2 JP but it actually deleted some information not exclusively tied to PSO2 and guess what they did.... they literally gave out I believe 10k-30k AC as compensation that was also if the game was completely deleted from your drive/anything minor or extreme; the only catch was to provide evidence (I actually received some AC during that time-frame which is why I still remember it).

PSO2 NA needs to do better especially with the way they're marketing their "deals" because its frankly disgusting and puts a bad name on a wonderful game I played frequently back in 2013-2018.

The items from fresh finds and the battle pass rewards should not be account bound . They should also make a maybe more exspensive pass to unlock any previously passes missed permanently (still have to earn the points though which they could add for all active passes at the time ?)

If fresh finds were both cheaper and not bound it would actually make a good choice for players who may just wanna buy those items to then sell to other players

And yes I agree stargems should be easier/ prices reflect the rarity of the gems . Games have done other currency’s well before but this one just is not done that well .

I get it’s like the freemiun currency but considering most the stuff is all rented / account bound it’s a bit bad. Having maybe a 1 or 2 times per character perma upgrade to say inventory or storage that would make the gems even more useful And like mentioned above the items not being bound