Summoner and tec?

What up y'all does Tech stats affect Summoner at all?because I'm getting ready to start messing around with my mag that's all 50 50 50 when it comes to a attacks and a little lower when it comes to defenses I don't want to screw it up and yes I'm a Summoner class also at the moment?

@ErK18e7 Ouch, you actually did kinda 'screw' it up with going 50 all on your mag. It's generally in your best interest to make a 'pure' mag. (Either 200 MELEE, 200 RANGE, 200 TECH or 200 DEX.) Good thing is you can undo stats on your mag with a "Mag Level Down Device" from the Excube Shop.

I mentioned 'kinda' because the game hasn't been lost even if you decide to keep the '50 all'. How you build up your mag is all up to you, but know that there is more potential to be had with pure mags.

Summoner's Pets use the Tech stat as their 'default' attacking stat. Summoners have the capability to switch that to Melee Power or Range Power as well, through the 'Pet Switch' skills in their Class Tree. ('Pet Switch Melee' and 'Pet Switch Range' are the names of the skills in the NA version, I assume?)

(Just curious, did you perhaps thought a '50 all' mag would transform it into a 'rare' mag like in the original PSO or was the decision to go '50 all' made to play it 'safe'?)

Good thing I got more then 1 mag and I have been lowering g the lvl and the answer to you question is no I wanted a carina mag and some how I ended u with pretty much 50 50 50 because at the time I thought that would make. More evend out player 😬