Techter Support Advice!


Please forgive me for being a huge newbie... But I'm a bit lost on where I want to go with my Techter, for my subclass.... The guides on this forum seem to be a bad link for me, I haven't been able to read the 1 or 2 I found here. It says they've been deleted by the owner. I have been looking into a lot of guides for Techter through the rest of the internet, but unfortunately most of the guides I find are for Te/Hu or Te/Fi. I'm not so sure I want to go either of these subclasses.

For any of the JP server players out there.... what is most "meta" for Techter, and why?

I like the sound of Techter/Summoner, because it seems to be the most support-y out of all the choices. But is it actually viable? I'm sure it's not solo, but is it really good for groups? Or is it just not worth it?

I'm also interested in trying out Techter/Phantom eventually, once I'm able to. I had fun playing Braver, but I am guessing that wouldn't be a viable subclass for a Techter. How is Techter/Phantom played, is it really DPS focused?

And could anyone be able to give me advice on how I should stat my Mag? I have heard/read that having a pure stat mag is bad for Techter, but I'm not sure if that's true, or not. Does it depend on the Subclass choice?

Any advice, or links to guides that actually work, would be greatly appreciated! >w< Thank you!

Hello, Tech/Summ is one of the fan favorite ways to go. Any class Hunter as a subclass is usually recomneded for suvivability, considering how many hunter skills keep you alive. I know that Force/Tech is also a good viable option.

My friend posted this on another website. I've been working on a techer build that focuses on offense and support, but I've not come up with anything i'm fully satisfied with, and would like some feedback, if possible.

Finally found something i'm satisfied with. still willing to accept ideas for changes.

With your feedback i devised another idea for a possible skill tree. i think it looks better, but i'm not 100% sure...

I don't run techer as main, I do switch to subclass every now and then, but if you use wand lover and such it can really be unstoppable.

Cathy's Techter Guide is working for me, and it is a great, comprehensive guide with NA and JPN Skill Trees linked in it.

And just to give blurbs for the subclasses you specifically asked about:

  • Te/Su: "This is a bulky hybrid build that is strong in boss fights."
  • Te/Br: "This is a very old hybrid build that is strong in boss fights and barely sees any use nowadays. "
  • Te/Ph: "This is a Technique focused Crit build that excels in all sorts of content. "

As for your Mag, it does need to be a Pure Mag; anyone who tells you different is wrong. In general, you would want a TEC-Pwr Mag, but if you go Te/Hu you would want a MEL-Pwr one instead, and if you are going Te/Ph you would want a DEX one.

I tried to look at someone posting Cath'y guide earlier and the link didn't work for me. But your link works! Thank you so much! That's helps soooo much


I also forgot, I can't speak for her but she does say she is willing to help out anyone with questions.

She is very nice and you could always check out her videos and send her a personal message.

Feel free to join our Discord server, specifically for Techter help.

@Zuni hello, techer player here.

As a techer, you are asumed to be support but your support doesn't go further from casting shifta and deband then doing your thing. I sugest having resta and anti, as well as moon atomizers.

As for subclass is up to you:

-Tehu is your standart tanky melee oriented "wand whack". Automate and massive hunter really help you stay alive.

-TeSu is a tanky techer as well but has overall stat growth so its a jack of all trades per say? Didn't play much. I know you can regenerate life naturally but why considering that resta is one button press away.

-TePh is what I ended playing as. I consider it a hybrid caster, you can both go and whack with your wand or cast techs. For this you'd want to use a DEX mag because ph grabs dex gives it to every atk stat.

There are other builds but the meta is TeHu, TeSu and TePh. I still sugest you level everything because its free stats.