What game are you playing to pass time?

Honestly fallout 4, survival.

@BFGesus if you're referring to phantasy star universe, I've had an original copy from xbox 360 days. I'm just happy people still remember it.

@Klein What other PSU is there? lol

You can play it online again now.

Been playing games like tera,roblox,among us,pso2,onigiri,black desert etc

When i have absolutely nothing else to do, i play MMOs. The reason i made forum account to them, is the fact that i have been playing MMOs for too long and i am done dealing with other people and i want them to know it. I've passed through that now (mostly anyway). Hopefully some new, interesting game will come around soon.

@hAZE-1561 im still a student so im studying to pass time or if i have free time i play Terraria and dauntless

The recent Tennis Superstars is fantastic and has a long, progression-based career mode which lets you train to improve your player, work your way up the rankings and play in many tournaments. Highly recommended!