What game are you playing to pass time?

PSO2 (of course), Star Citizen, Assassin's Creed Odyssey, and (occasionally) Black Desert Online.

Finished Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of Dana, fell in love with it, so I have been trying the previous titles in the series. Ended up finishing Ys I, which was alright; dated game, but a banger soundtrack and fast paced bumping action.

Funny enough I am picking up PSO2 to deal with warframe's content drought. Other than that? Plague inc, system shock 2. I really should pick KSP back up (best I ever did was make a satilite network around kerbin, mun, and minmus. did manage a muniar flyby.)

Also playing the system shock remaster medical demo.

@SordidSaucer464 I am not excited for the new lich weapons tbh. I did that whole event that just passed got my max standing and dipped. Not looking forward to getting the corpus/infested lich weapons once released. Looking forward to their con though.

@ERICK001BC Corpus Ship tileset remaster is slated 'soon' which I am kinda interested in, but beyond nightwave dailies I'm not overly enthusiastic at the moment. Hoping game hopping will help with that.

@SordidSaucer464 The best part of Warframe is always being able to take a short break and not miss much or get fully burnt out. Been doing the nightwaves to keep me going, I actually like the story on this one as it ties Clems best friend Darvo.