Casts cannot color accessories without outerwear

The Cortu bow and many other accessories refuse to be colored except by Outerwear. Color for the accessories is tied to outerwear and I believe this should be fixed. The only way I 'could' change the color to match my outfit is by changing my "Outerwear Color" in the select layers section. Which is greyed out on my cast because she is not wearing Outerwear. Please allow me to use a color change pass on the Outerwear Color section even without actually wearing the outerwear, or find some other alternative fix for me and all of the other casts. The Cortu bow should be able to match the Cortu arms, legs, and body. It's pointless to get accessories for casts otherwise. I don't know if this is only tied to new accessories only or not but every accessory from the career line only changes color for outerwear pieces. You can test this by going to the prize list in the Ac scratch ticket section.

That sounds like a bug. Color-changing Accessories should match your CAST's primary color when you are wearing Parts.

@AndrlCh Normally yes. But with the new accessories this does not seem to be the case. Tested it on my sister's account and had the same consistent issue. If you have a cast check the prize list and let me know if anything is different with yours. The Cortu Bow, Mechanical pigtails, (basically all of the career line) are the ones I tested not working. My Photon wings and older accessories still change color correctly but the newer ones do not seem to do so.

The color tone appears to be a bit darker, but it is pretty much the right color when I check the previews:

alt text

alt text

alt text

If you tested on both yours and your sister's accounts on the same XBox, then it is possible that it may be some corrupted files, so a reinstall might fix it.

Hrrm don't know if this affects anything. But I am on Ship 3. So if it's only affecting me great, but I am hoping whatever it is gets resolved soonish. Going to keep looking for what could be causing the issue. I will check reinstalling using my sister's account. Will keep this updated. If anyone else has had this issue or found a workaround let me know and thank you @AndrlCh They are separate xboxs.

there are some accessories whose trim wont change colors, like the geometric wings red cracks wont change but the rest of the wings will...and the edge wings light trim wont change but the rest of it will.