Xbox Elite Controller RT Key not working

Sup o/ So I just did my first few steps in PSO2 and it seems my RT button on my Xbox Elite Controller is not working. As it is the default dodge button that was quite a surprise hehe. So I wonder if I messed up a setting somewhere or if this is a known issue. It works fine in other games and the Xbox UI and I have the Xbox accessories app and it's up to date too. I tried it with another standard Xbox One controller and it works. So I could use that or I could play without the RT on the elite controller. But PSO2 is advertised for Xbox One and a microsoft store excusive isn't it? It should work with all official controllers. So is the controller just not supported? Will it be? Are we in still in Beta? Any insight will be appreciated. Thanks

The game has been out of Beta for a month. The only time I have heard of this happening with RT was a driver issue on the JPN PC version, but that was eventually fixed. It could be a corrupted file in the game, so maybe a reinstall might help.

Also, is it only the actual Right Trigger that doesn't work, or does it not register RT even if you assign it to a paddle?

It actually works when I set RT to a paddle ¯\(ツ)

Yeah, I'm gonna say try reinstalling the game and double check to make sure your controller's firmware is up-to-date.

I thought it was just my gamepad! I have this issue too.

Ah that's good to know. So I reinstalled, triple checked for updates. No success. But if Nue has the same problem I am assuming it actually is a problem on their side. So I will bother the support staff. Let's hope it gets fixed soon