Feeding pets returned eggs

Do the returned eggs retain the stat boosts that they have? Got my 10 star evolved Wanda in light and want to feed my level 85 Jinga egg to it, but only if it will get the +50 odd in each stat it has so far....

Pets returned to eggs keep their stats bonus. So if your Lv. 85 Jinga was returned to egg and fed to the new Jinga, the bonus stats will be inherited to the new Jinga. The level or sweets of the old Jinga will be lost in the process, but I guess you are aware of that 😃

Also, if you want to be perfectly sure, you can use some of your unused eggs (or buy some) to experiment the process. That will cost some extra Meseta, but probably you can be sure about how it works.

@Fiona-Respha That’s great thanks! Is there any benefit to having the evolved Jinga vs the normal jinga?

@Cooper2085 As far as I know, they are identical. So no need to worry about the difference.

Only difference I can think of right now is that you can evolve a light Wanda in to a light Jinga, but the normal Jinga we have access to is only fire.

The Jinga will become the element of what ever Wanda is. Also Jinga has a larger aoe and his dash ability is better.

the stat cap is lower on wanda vs jinga