Personal shop login

So I've got a friend that forgot their personal shop password and is having issues getting in to change it. Is there a way to change the website to English or is there another way to change it?

Is your friend trying to change their password on the NA server? If he is, you wont be able to use the Japanese site to change it. You'll need to submit a request to change the password on here.

Here's what he needs to do: Go to Support (at the top)> Contact Us > Click the "Contact Us Now" button > Sign In > Click the "Submit a Request" button in the top right corner next to your gamertag.

alt text

In the drop down menu you should see an option to reset your password.

If he's trying to change his password on the JP server there should be a link provided on the message that pops up when he gets his password wrong. You should be able to use google translate to translate the page and then follow the steps to change the password from there. He'll need to sign in using his Sega ID first though.

@Home-Dog I appreciate it that's exactly what they need to do and will hopefully work