PSO2 x FFXIV Shadowbringer event when come out?

I really that want event I'm looking forward when come time.

I am not sure if they will be able to bring the items considering the cross-event license is probably expired.

You ask this as if there's any way AT ALL for us to know.

I'd love to see the US get the XIV crossover, but who knows how the collaborations will work.

Well Microsoft supposedly is trying to get SE to port FFXIV to Xbox. The progress on that I'm not sure of currently. Microsoft got them to port FFXI to the 360 but SE dropped support for it I believe just a few years later while the actual game itself is still going.

Very unlikely but anything is possible.

Apparently the FF14 team are quite enthusiastic about collabs maybe worth trying to poke more on there end for a redo

tbf right now yoshi would only wanna port ff14 to xbox when xbox are willing to share the server space with pc/ps4 at first xbox didnt want ffxiv due to crossplay with ps4/pc they wanted it to be pc/xbox only now with xbox having crossplay with ps4 on a few games maybe they will change the tone and work out a decent deal ffxiv clearly dont need the boost in players but xbox finally getting ff14 just means more money for us, and i can prob finally get my tifa ff7r outfit on mog station xD

dunno now due the the current situation with the pandemic but was sorta pointed that it be out around the end of the year

I will communicate this collaboration desire to the team. 🙂

@GM-Deynger Much appreciated 😁