cross platform tec question

if i play the game in the beta and on xbox till it comes out on pc can i link my xbox account to my pc account so i can play with my characters on pc or would i have to create an all new character for pc

No, the game is 100% cross play. Once you link your accounts you're gonna play on the same account on both platforms. You can even play with Xbox players on PC and vice versa.

@Cathy so i can use my character on pc then thats great news cus i didnt want to waste my time playing on xbox then when pc comes out lose everything

Yeah, Crossplay mates 🙂 Love it, SEGA at its BEST ! 🙂

20 Years ago it was the same, playing with an other Acc but played with other Plattforms together 🙂

is this 100% confirmed that I can play on the pc version with the character I lv'ed up on xbox?

Yes. That's how the game woks on the Japanese version. The only ones who can't fully cross-play are Vita players...

...because it's the Vita and playing on that console is like playing with a Hotwheel that has a tire missing. Also Switch and Playstation players can't crossplay but in terms of characters you play the same one across all platforms