Ac Scratch Theme Frequency

I know a lot of folks had played the JP PC version of this game and I was wondering if any of you can answer a question for me? Do AC Scratch Ticket themes ever return to the game? For example the herioc wanderer theme ends tomorrow. Could we see that theme again in a few months or years?

@AgentRedStar AC scratches on the JP version do get revived. Some revivals include new 'recolors', some are revived 'only' through recolors. (So not the original stuff.) A revival done through their original collaboration/theme. Revivals returning through a "Lucky Bag G" themed event. But the majority gets revived through new unrelated scratches.

A couple examples:

NieR: Automata (Revived through its original collaboration/theme.)


3 years later:

Hatsune Miku (Revival done through a new collaboration.)


A year later:

Anniversaries, special dates or occasions. (Revival done through Lucky Bag G.)

Random (Revival done through a new in most cases unrelated scratch.) [Scroll down the page till you see "AC Scratch Revivals". This is the most common way of reviving them.]

Will this also be the case for the NA version? I sadly can't tell you.

Thank you very much for the information. 🙂