List of episodes on japanese server

Hey, I was looking through internet to find some sum up of episodes on JP server, but couldn't really find much (or if I finally found something it was pretty outdated). Could someone tell/sum up episodes, what happening there, etc. and is there already episode 7 on JP server or still they are on episode 6?

Episode 6 but there is supposed to be a update after Vita version closes

@Chiryuu2609 Forgive me if I didn't fully understood your question, but you want a summary of what happened in each Episode story-wise, I assume? Or did you mean content updates per Episode? Or maybe both? Or perhaps something in the direction of nerfs, buffs, balancing related stuff per Episode?

If it's story, AzureBlaze has Episode 1 through 4 written down on his website and made a start on Episode 5. Sadly, it's not a summary though. My apologies for that.

Last time I checked the dialogues, events, script, context, etc. are all well covered. (With use/help of the fan translation I assume. I could be wrong.) All Pre-Episode 5 content is present in the form of their Matterboard- and Storyboard eras. So nothing edited, cut, added or restructured. Everything preserved in their original state.

Do note, it's not an easy read due how AzureBlaze has structured it. I don't blame him though, I don't think I would have done a better job. It's up to you if you wanna read it all.

Color Legend:

  • Green Text: Speculation.
  • Red Text: What the player does/The official "Party Line".
  • Bold Text: Important information.
  • Blue Text: Choice Options.
  • Purple Text: Dates & Times.

There are some parts that happen 'in-between' the chapters, I haven't secluded them from the 'chapter' list below.

All credits go to AzureBlaze and whoever helped him.

Episode 1 [The Beginning of the Matterboard.]

Episode 2

Episode 3

Episode 4 [The Beginning of the Storyboard.]

Episode 5 [The Beginning of the Omnibus structure.]

I'll let someone else summarize the 'other' parts if 'story' wasn't what you asked for. (Perhaps you're better off watching a walk-through or full story play on YouTube instead of reading it all, unless someone is willing to summarize it.)

Oh that was nicely done, thanks @ErinXh ^_^... I'm not that much interested in other things than story but yeah, if someone could summarize other aspects of the game and what changed than that also would be helpful, maybe not for me, but for many others for sure ;).