Looking For An Active Alliance To Learn From

As the title says, I am looking for an active group willing to guide and teach me everything there is to need to know about PSO2. I find myself continuously dropping this due to the lack of knowledge I have about it. I'd like to stick with this game and find a community i can learn from all about PSO2. If you are interested in taking me (which I do plan to be active) here is my info;

1: Bouncer - Soaring Blades (Have yet to pick a sub class) Lvl 42 (Would like to main this)

2: Xbox info - SenpaiJ#4797

3: IGN - TokyoJ (character name - Snow)

4: Ship 01

Discord - Hawkss#1993

Side Note: I want to learn everything there is about this game and willing to put in the effort. Thank you for taking the time out to read this~

Hello, if you wanted to join a smaller team, you're welcomed to join mine once PC arrives. We have a couple of guide creators from JP in our team, so we wouldn't mind helping you whatsoever.

Hey there! I’m on ship 1 and mained bouncer to 75. I don’t pretend to know everything lol but I’d be happy to help out where I can! I’ll send a message via discord so we can talk more