Inverted Camera Controls Bug

I really hope this issue is something I'm missing on my end that way it's something that can easily be solved. That being said -

Issue: Camera (right stick) controls are inverted on the Y-axis despite the setting in PSO2 being set to standard. Furthermore, changing the Camera Rotation (Up/Down) setting to Inverted or Standard doesn't change it's behavior. It's inverted both ways.

Actions Before Occurrence: Happened randomly while playing earlier when I was doing some inventory management. Exited my storage and my controls were inverted from that point on.

Additionally, this problem happened once earlier yesterday for a brief moment when I hopped in and out of a turret during an EQ, but it fixed itself as soon as I exited the turret so I didn't actually think anything more of it at the time.

Fixes tried: Tried rebooting console, restoring default settings in PSO2, tested buttons in Xbox settings (ensured all directions showed up fine), updated controller firmware, ensured inverted controls weren't enabled in Xbox settings, ensured controller acted as expected in other games, reinstalled PSO2.

Additional Information: Console is a base Xbox One with a normal Xbox One controller. Newest system update, newest controller update. I updated the controller after the problem started happening, but that didn't seem to change anything either way.

Anyone have any experiences like this or fixes? Thanks!

I'm having a similar issue, but instead of the camera being inverted for Y-axis, it just doesn't work at all. I have no idea what do to to fix the issue either.