Skill description text area too small, cuts off text

When choosing skills, there is a very small amount of space to display the description on the bottom of the screen. For a summoner skill like "Assist Share" I cannot read the description at all.

My Screen is an 85", 4K TV.

I agree to this, I also noticed this problem and this text problem goes across to other quest info as well making it almost impossible on some skills and quest information to know whats going on.

The description of one of the stances of braver as well. Because is two lines and is centered between both, you can't really read any of them.

I think it's happening to all classes on different skills. See it on my Hunter and Techter as well.

Unless they have made the font size modifiable for that field, they'll just have to change line breaks and shorten the descriptions. That's what we had to do for the patch.

It's actually funny to me seeing a lot of the exact same text formatting bugs that we encountered years ago, heh. Good news they are pretty easy to fix.

They really need to just add the option to adjust the screen borders.

I had this same issue with Bouncer. Some of the descriptions were too long for the field and got the top and bottom half of the first and second lines cut off.