What’s the best double saber in the game right now?

I need help to find a better double saber

Presa Stil

That all depends on what "better" means. Which one are you using, what skills do you prefer, what type and what element?

I honetly would just go with any 13* (even nox) 12* with light and a few good affix like bind or something.

Nonsense, the double saber that everybody on the .jp server has at least one of is the Monkey King Bar for its potential. If the OP wants something that's actually in this game though, it's the Meteor Staff in the badge shop.

@ERICK001BC which 13* one what’s it called

Here's the list of known double sabers in the game. https://pso2na.arks-visiphone.com/wiki/Double_Sabers_List

Your 13* options are the Meteor Staff and Storm Revolsio, but the potential on the Meteor Staff makes it stronger than the Revolsio despite having slightly lesser stats.

Meteor Staff is the best double saber currently, yeah. It give a 9% damage increase on the first perfect attack you do, and an 18% damage increase every successive perfect attack until you either stop attacking or miss a perfect attack, at which point it will go back to 9%

Yeah I was using jp one, But you can't go wrong with meteor staff. https://pso2.arks-visiphone.com/wiki/Simple_Double_Sabers_List

Ok thanks y’all