Cant find Chinese outfit in my account after purchasing it

I bought the outfit but cant find it please...

Check your inventory, Clothes/Consumables. Check ALL storage and make sure it is in one of those tow options. Confirm it states sold out so you know you bought it. Prey to God you didn't discard it or feed it to your mag.

Good luck, also make sure if not for your character but for aux or different character. You only get 1 per buy.

You also cannot refund these cash shop purchases. (Even if this was available on steam, DLC / cash shop purchases are non-refundable on steam.)

I play on xbox

Any Luck finding the item. I would also suggest the next time you buy an item to record past 30 seconds to see what you did to it so you don't do it again.

@ERICK001BC I did nothing to it...I bought it then turn around and got some scratch ticket...then I checked my inventory and it was not there or in the bank

Which one the shadow one or the red featured one, that one will be in you consumables cuz it comes with a hairstyle as well

Look for the item with the box icon

Surprisingly, This just happened to my little sister. She bought sweet simon (the dress skeleton bracket thingy) outwear, she was not sniped at last second, I saw the money go down after the purchase but it was no where in her inventory. I told her to record what happened but she is low on space. Money taken, and no item found. Strangely enough it did have a star gem on it (not taken) and whenever she looks for the item now it shows up as (pending taken with the check) on everyone elses store items for that color specifically (red). So it might actually be a bug which I would report.