fresh finds and star gems

i heard stuff like sudsy style is a fresh finds thing, and i have seen ALOT of players at certain times in it with this style, my question is do ALL items, including sudsy style like, rotate in and out daily, do ANY of these items ever come back? or is it a you dont get it you never will get it deal? if so that is just stupid, as the good looking items are 800 sg+ which is not possible to get as we cant even farm SG on this version of pso2. ppl say do story on ALL characters but that is not possible either as if 1 character does it, then by the system standards ALL of your characters have done it.

then theres the cool fresh finds, how do they expect you to get enough sg to use there when like i said earlier, they currently dont even give us ANY form of ANY option to farm them with hard work, like on the JP server.

The suds was not a fresh find shop item, it came out last week. In the menu where you see the fresh finds and all the scratches it said sale. It was offered for a certain amount (about $8) and you got 3 emotes, and 2 outfits (m/f).

As for the fresh finds shop, yes they do rotate, but there are tons of items. You prob wont see a certain item for some time now, as they do refresh the items I think every 2 weeks. But I have seen a lot of variations of similar items return in the fresh find shop, clear examples being the hawk now in white when it was brown last time, and other outfits. I wouldn't worry too much over these as they will eventually come back.

Sadly there is a method to farm Star Gems with hard work. Play the game, do the quest and get star gems as reward for clearing quest/ mission/ titles. Earn meseta, and buy outwear/Outfits and use for 1 day to claim the 10 star gems. Repeat, until you can earn enough to buy stuff, without spending anything.

But yeah check those sales, like this week they have the towel plus some emotes.

oh thanks, but i already did all of the quests on one character, which on this version once one character does it, no other character will be able to. im glad fresh finds is a rotation type of deal though, i also wonder if the sudsy will ever come back, that item is of particular interest to me right now, and i think its stupid how its not tradable/sellable at all on here when on pc, people somehow clearly could sell/buy it. lol

ill also keep an eye out on these sales, in hopes sudsy style is one of those sales too.

I am sure it will come back. Right now they are trying to release everything to catch up but with the popularity of some items, it most likely will come back soon.