Ship 2 <Focus> Hardcore PvX Guild - Competitive & Skilled Dedication w/ a Laid Back Attitude - 60+ active members already

We have some xbox players but are mainly a PC community for PC launch ... Focus Alliance is already up on Ship 2 with 100 slots opened.

Focus Gaming

Focus Gaming, the gaming community for you! Focus Gaming hosts guilds across a wide range of games Meet our friendly staff and players from all sorts of backgrounds We pride ourselves on our approachable and family-oriented player base

Focus Gaming in PSO2!

Hardcore PvX [Focus] = Main & [Focus_Horde] = overflow

About the Community

-FG requires use of discord to create a personal experience and support one another as much as possible

-FG was established in 2002 with set organization & infrastructure to be a guild who outlasts all others

-FG strives as a community to support members as real friends rather than just a guild

-FG is run with a functional chain of command

-FG includes go-to members to advance your skills in each game we play

How to Join

Hop into our discord and follow our directions Read the DM you get & follow directions to self assign the role in #add-game-role Be sure to go to #apply-to-guild" & sign up with the google form for PSO2

we are almost full 100 members and if need be we will make a 2nd alliance so get in fast.

one of the most active alliances and discord with over 1600 members