Server Pop declining?

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Considering how we now are 1 week away from TD4 and people saying "TD4 is slightly easier" sounds nicer than they are putting.

Unlikely, TD4 was released at the very end of Ep3 on JP, Magatsu and PD came before that.

There's also a chance that the Mothership urgent quest could be released as well, a late Ep2 UQ, while that one is nothing special, it does take place in an area that isn't available yet on NA and has a new emergency trial.

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I don't mind about having Ep 3 UQs. I do mind that not everyone is meeting standards to clear it, and need a bit better content to help them clear it. like it does need more gear accessibility and probably Scion class if we have to get them.

Our gear is better than EP3 was and scion classes didn't exist during ep3. If people can't clear TD3, that's on them. The NA community is full of people who get incredibly defensive at any attempt to teach strategies, builds, tactics, anything and in turn simply insult anyone who might know more and call them elitist. It's been bewildering how, upon NA's release, so much misinformation from everything regarding PA's, drop rate, and basic mechanics, to things like tried and true boss strategies like Luther and Falz Elder have been put into motion and anyone with years of experience and knowledge under their belt gets shouted down as a JP elitist while any clown with a youtube account and whatever asinine misinformation they want to spread gets heralded as 100% correct.

I hate to say it, but if this game does die out, it's not going to be because of Sega's mishandling or shitty practices: It's because the NA community is kind of garbage, guys, and can't stop tripping over its own dick for three seconds. And it has been ever since 4chan took over ship 2 in JP and blamed the antagonism solely on "Japanese elitism".

I am sure the 13/14 will come soon, though it not needed. You can get past them quite easily actually. I think in a few weeks the population is going to increase. I noticed on some places where they been reviewing the game, A lot of people haven't even noticed it was released yet, and the PC players all getting ready for the eventual release. Also the leaked news that it might release on the 26TH of this month for memorial day, after the maintenance.

Blocks are packed and that is with the MS store version being a dumpster fire without the Tweaker for many people.

Once it releases on other PC Platforms, it's full "Steam" ahead.

I love how your post says 'about a month later' from the other guys lmao.