Fashion and furniture

A few suggestions for fashion and furniture. So first of all, fix the collision boxes on furniture. There is no reason why i should be able to stand inside of my table, bed, couch, etc. my main suggestion tho is regarding fashion, and that in the salon you should be able to preview all possible layering wear and outfits, even the ones you don't own. If you don't own it, and want to wear it, it will open the personal shops for that item. The tiny preview you get when looking in the personal shops makes it nearly impossible to truly get a feel for an item, especially in your current outfit, and some pieces cost millions and you wouldn't want to buy it unless you were certain it would look good on your current setup. Also while talking about personal shops, make it so when searching through items, you can view lists of items, like with the top sellers, but for categories. If you product search for fashion accessories, it’s near impossible to see what all is available, because you will be lost in a sea of maybe 5-6 items for 20 pages straight. Searching just by price is not enough to find what you want, if you don't know the exact name of what you're looking for, or don't know what all is available, you will spend several hours searching through items and still end up nowhere.

I would like to add, while I generally don't care for using non-combat related fashion/furniture, I've noticed when selecting any and all least fashion centric Mission Pass rewards previews are a little funny. Sometimes when I'm not even highlighted on it I'll still get or get stuck on seeing a Male Ranger in a dress. Unless I move the selector around to find something that should also work and it kinda/mostly changes.

More reporting/adding this as maybe an indication of bug and/or issue scope if there are.

o/ =^.^=