Fashion we can’t wait to have in game

@ERICK001BC My Force is somewhere around the mid to upper 40s I think, and I think now any Tech I have I've managed to get up to 10, except maybe Ilgrants (which oddly even at only level 1 was still outperforming the other techs).

@zaffy2005 The advance techs will do that.

I've been waiting for this hairstyle. I'm using it on JP right now.

@NibC137 That's pretty cute.


It's a weapon camo for swords, partizans, and sabers. It's also from an FFXIV crossover so it seems like a good candidate for PSO2NA. I found out about FFXIV in 2013 when I was running something in the Forest area and Odin spawned as an Emergency Code. Yes, I saw Odin in PSO2 first.

Since then I fell in love with the weapon camo, started playing FFXIV, became a Paladin main, and now exclusively use Zantetsuken and an invisible shield. Real tanks hold big swords with one hand thankyouverymuch. GIV BAK ZANTETSUKEN PLS.