Is their an option to be able as an Alliance leader to view how much AP each alliance member is contributing towards the clan/Alliance? When running a clan there are many factors on player contribution as well as their personality. Different members bring different things obviously. But Alliance orders are an easy quota to make, with both look-books/likes/missions and alliance orders all contributing to helping the alliance. But it would be nice if there was a feature, when you look up each member to see how much they are contributing. Some are black and white but this would help not just the alliance but also to motivate some other members to do a little better if everyone could see how much they are contributing. I am also worried about those who want to free loath and reek the rewards without the effort, as this is not fair to those who are doing their share. I been looking through the I-GS here and there are a lot of good ideas for Alliances, but it just seems as there needs to be a big overhaul on Alliances. There are so many good ideas that would have huge improvements but we need some basic stuff as well, especially the Alliance Leaders. I really hope they are reading these, maybe someone will put all of them together in a massive thread so they can have it all in 1 instead of reading the backlogs. Example those post we might have made earlier, or others like those threads still ongoing. Still, Would be nice to not have to worry about these things and be more fun like hey how about to have alliance ghost members appear in alliance block so it doesn't seem as empty those days, maybe even auxiliary play pens. Still again, adding the feature to let us see how much each member contributes would be nice for us so we can actually do some moderation and act accordingly. Thank you.