Pet damage, glitch, intended, or something else?

I was noticing some not significant changes in damage after major upgrades on my summoner.

My jenga auto attack hits for anywhere from 11k to 13k .

I disabled my mag, disable pet switch attack melee (using fighter sub, mel mag) and my damage didn't go down or change.

Enabling these didn't change my damage either.

Basically, the pet switch to melee had no significant change in my jenga basic attack, and neither did having my mag equipped.

either I am doing something wrong, or the modifiers don't work? I have no problem being made an idiot, so please help me understand why my damage is not changing while using this skill and mag in combo.

What is your fighter build?

The theme looked interesting, and I also wonted to know I understand the process correctly, so I tried some detailed tests. Conclusion first, it seems to me that feature is working correctly.

I used Su73/Fi75 with MEL 200 mag and TEC 42 mag (lol. I haven't been playing TEC classes at all). I heard that the normal attacks of Sally/Popple do constant damage regardless of the combo count, so used my Popple for the test. With the use of Critical Field (R) ring, I compared the critical damage of Popple's normal attack when it hit to the head of the Rockbear.

The stats following the damage is my character stat at that time. The stats in bold is the stat that's supposed to be in effect for the pet damage calculation. (I haven't augmented my units at all, so please don't check the stats seriously 😌 )

  1. MEL mag equipped, Pet Switch Strike off. 11,405 damage (MEL 1,303 TEC 856)
  2. Turned Pet Switch Strike on. 14,209 damage (MEL 1,303 TEC 856)
  3. Unequipped the MEL mag. 13,011 damage (MEL 1,103 TEC 856)
  4. Turned Pet Switch Strike off. 11,405 damage (MEL 1,103, TEC 856)
  5. Equipped the TEC mag. 11,656 damage (MEL 1,103, TEC 898)

So at least on this test, it looked to me that the pet switch strike changed the attack base parameter, and the equipment of mags counts.

I gotta be doing something wrong. I have higher stats than you both Mel and tec and you are doing more than 2k basic attacks after my last test.

I have a 2star and 3star cake, support roll, crit cane, etc..