Is using a Damage Parser a ban-able offense?

I dislike that argument. It's extremely annoying walking into random groups sometimes with people doing the most ridiculous builds or using weapons they are not suppose to. I have had randoms hit less then 1000 on Shaqs and a force using a launcher who was not contributing at all. While the rest of us are investing the time and resources to do things the right way.

@Likaizam In later content (that isn't available on NA yet) PSO2 gets considerably harder.

While it remains accessible to casual players, it gets hard enough where if a big part of the group is using subpar class combos and equipment, quests will fail (NA players already got their first taste of failed runs through Luther, some future bosses are gonna be far more aggressive, and even Luther himself is gonna get a more aggressive upgraded version with new attack patterns).

Not saying that a parser is needed (especially once expert matchmaking becomes available in NA), just saying that even though PSO2 starts extremely easy (and NA is still going through the later easy part), it does get hard enough in the future where not everyone can succeed without actually trying.

There is no need for anything of the sort and it is against tos and always will be

The overall statement that holds true in regards to parsers and the like in any game is basically this, if the game cant detect and ban you for it, then as long as you DONT announce to the world your using it, ie: only use it for self awareness and improvement, and NOT to harass others, then use one all you like. If you get reported because you can't stay tight lipped about it you deserve the ban lol

Parsers seem legal under the rules, until Sega specifically says otherwise im personally going to look into one.

Damage parsers are in a weird area where it seems useful but doesn't really matter and it has a bad reputation because of ppl harassing with the "my damage is big peepee and your is crap" thing exist.

Do not post about it, do not bully other people with it, and you won't get banned. SEGA is against parsers so they will come for your account if you start getting dumb about it. However if it is for your own personal use, there shouldn't be an issue. AGAIN: DO NOT ADVERTISE YOU HAVE BEEN USING ONE AND YOU SHOULD BE FINE.

As for my personal opinion: The game doesn't really need parsing, the damage numbers are right there in your face ... I dont get the appeal.

Damage Parser is mostly used for elite gamer's that use it to weed out people in group that does not meet there expectations. It is illegal for those reasons and fall under that such as harassment of the said players, that do not meet there elite requirements. Just asking if its allowed shows that you may use it for its common purpose. For that I say for shame. Especially in a game that has all sorts of combo's and builds elitism has no place here.

Lol gotta' stink up this game too huh?

@coldreactive To be honest I think its fair. Not everyone wants to be top DPS of the world. Most people that does high end content are more than competent enough and they do enough damage to make it work. But people want shit done ASAP to the extreme and that is pretty toxic.

Is using a parser in solitaire a banable offense?

@PSYCOMMUnist love you too man.