How do'es one aquire havest and/or fishing stanima drinks

Cant find any more drinks for fish, harvest plz explain for the new kid on the ship.

Stamina Drinks are a limited resource that mostly come as rewards for getting Gathering achievements.

The only way to restore Stamina after you have run out of Stamina Drinks (aside from just waiting 5 hours for your Stamina to refill), is via SG. It costs 10 SG for the first and second refill, 20 SG for the third and fourth, 30 SG for the fifth, 40 SG for the sixth, 50 SG for the seventh and eighth, 70 SG for ninth, and 150 SG for the tenth or more.

@AndrlCh ya i thought it would come down to something like that. Thanks for the shout out.

You can buy a limited number of them per week from the Casino.