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@ERICK001BC So why take an automobile? Walking will get you there "eventually". Why cut down a tree with a chain saw? An axe will fell it "eventually". Why use a lighter, when rubbing 2 stick together will start a fire "eventually"? I'm guessing you're under 40 simply based on the fact that you are ok with "eventually".

Nobody is paying 9$ a pop for "eventually", they pay it for results.

In any game that is actually P2W, as you seem to want it, how far do you think $9 will get you?

I don't think it actually matters in this equation (the amount of money). The amount is all perspective. It has to o many variables to make a coherent conclusion. What you get out of it depends on your personality, the game itself, the other items and your personal life/situation to name a few. Some people think $2 is a great price for ac scratches, others think they get their value with $3 mags. If we are talking about this game, $9 could seem like a droplet in a lake, but to others it could just seem like a waste of money. You and I don't know others situation, some family get by with less than that a day. So $9 might be a lot for something that wont take you very far, or it might be enough to keep you happy and interested in the game.

But to generalize the answer, it really depends on you. Imho, I don't think $9 for a booster is really worth it, considering you can get other boosters through the game, and because there is still so much more content missing you are cheating yourself out of getting other drops that are not in the game yet but will also be used on those same boosters if you wanted to play it. Again it is your money, I am not telling you how to spend it, I am just saying I stopped worrying about percent drops a long time ago. Doesn't mean I don't put the same amount of effort as you do, it just means I know how bad my luck is and this wont help it, so I'll out more effort to make up for the luck.

That was nonsensical enough for me to simply ignore you.

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That was nonsensical enough for me to simply ignore you.

That sounds fine, you don't have to agree with me or even understand it. I won't take any offense to it either. Thank you for your input on the conversation, and for sharing your thoughts.

If the drop rates on these rare items are so low that no amount of boosts will make a noticable difference..... THEN THEY SHOULDN'T BE SELLING BOOSTERS FOR AC.

It's literally a scam. They're selling you something that doesn't do anything.... Mathematically.

"Oh, it works just fine... It's just not designed to really do anything.."

^that's what you deniers sound like.

@Reaper-cet They are aware of the issue and for the most part they removed it until it get's fixed. The other boosters do work however.

@Novaline I was talking about the exchange shop one. If they are releasing it on here, maybe they have been fixed? A statement would be nice obviously. Plus, you don't have to use it atm, you can hold off until it is fixed.

Was just kinda passing through the forums, noticed this thread. I'm glad to see it though, because I thought maybe I was just the most unlucky player ever after buying a couple 400% boosters with leftover AC (once a couple months ago, once a few weeks ago). Each time I used one, I noticed all my rare drops seemed to damn near vanish. Even in "local area" EQ's (the ones that are basically MPA explorations), the crappy little 7-9* crap I always roll my eyes at was suddenly non-existent. Never seen anything like it before.

I mean, the lack of high rarity drops was irritating, but I wasn't expecting much anyway (thousands of hours playing PSO2 teaches a hard lesson about rare drops). And I wouldn't have even thought much of the situation at all if it wasn't for the sudden plummet of (normally frequent) low level rares for exactly the 6 hours of 400% rare boost.

My friend used up 400% boost and other thing, and he still couldn't pull any Nemesis drop from Ultimate quest lol. Still doesn't guarantee you a rare drop.

Let this damn thread die.

The collective loss of braincells documented in these 5 pages is enough to cause therapy bills to pile up and the overall IQ in the world plummet.

@SleeprunnerInc yeah, it is pretty irritating to watch some people share their experiences, only to have others dismiss those claims without even paying attention to what they were complaining about.

"I used a 400 booster and got less of everything"

"Oh, great, another person crying because they didn't get constant 13 stars."

That's the whole thread.

The difference between 250% and 400% really isn't all that much of a difference. For example, I can use no booster at all one day and the next day use a 150% TRI booster and the results would be all over the place. It's all based on luck. Simply Put, a difference of 150% is not enough of a gap to compensate for RNG.

Now if you compared using no booster at all vs a 400% booster, then you would definitely see an undeniable difference in "RARE DROP!" notifications.

When I use a 400% booster, I get RARE DROP! notifications constantly. When I farm without any boosters at all the RARE DROP notifications are MUCH slower. Seems to be working as intended in my experience.

Sounds like it, but sometimes that's just how RNG is.

I'm pretty sure if a 400% rdr boost to an item with a 0.1% drop rate would make it have a 40% drop rate. 13 stars have a lower drop rate than 0.1%.