400% rare drop

Has anyone actually noticed an increase of rares when using the 400% rare drop rate? Against what everyone in my alliance was telling me I went and used one, it doesn't seem to make any difference. Is this a known glitch, Or are we just expecting too much for spending actual money?

It's just bad luck. For example If an item has an 0.1% drop rate and you use a 400% it really just bumps it up to 0.4%.

Most people just expect too much from it and are convinced it's "not working" when in actuality it's not as big an effect as they'd like to think.

We have a saying in JP - 400% (or 500% or 800% or anything) of 0 is still 0.

Also keep in mind that the more you want something, the less likely you are to get it.

Another perfect example of, the game 'knows'.

The PSO Gods can indeed be cruel.

Thou though of Thy item, Thee shalt not receive!

Pretty much what Aida Enna said. 400% increase of 0.1% is 0.4%, so still vanishingly unlikely. You can average out the drop rates if you know how many enemies were killed in a zone in a period and then how many of the item you are seeking dropped. In many cases desired items drop in a single digits count, for many thousands of enemies killed. A 400% rare drop boost doesn't increase your chances a whole lot, also the whole if you're looking for it you're less likely to find it feel.

The primary bonus I feel the 400% RDR boost offers is the length of time it is active, as I believe it is active for several hours of zone time?

Actually they ARE investigating the 400% drop boosters because (even though people on these forums have pointed the issue out over a month ago..) people on YOUTUBE have made videos about the fact that you get WAY more actual drops using 250% boosters than a 400% one. IF it was simply failing to live up to expectations then the 250 would NOT be resulting in more 10-13* drops.

Wait ... wait ... I thought those items were for an increase in red item drops in general, NOT the quality of said drops. That is how I saw them, in that regard they have performed for me on JP servers just as I expected. But if these were supposed to augment the actual quality of the drops (more 11s instead of 10s) then yeah, they don't work that way for me.


Brought it up a very long time ago and didn't use .01% items as a reference, but it has been ignored and will be until the right person thinks there is something wrong with it.

The modifier works in regards to Collection Files, so it will appear to be working as intended in binary, but something is happening to the items during the rare drop lottery portion, at least during boss fights.

Using Apos as a reference and full breaking him, I got the minimum amount of drops as if instantly killing him without a single break. It was as if the addition rare rolls never showed up.

Perhaps some more people should make YOUTUBE videos about it..

If proven true they would owe ALOT of people compensation.

We can't even get a GM to comment?

@SpeedierJam1135 most likely because it is a delicate situation.

If things appear to be in order from the structural side, the only response would be "the boost is confirmed to be working properly!" which would be like a giant slap in the face for people who have the perception it is messed up.

If they say it is being investigated, you will have a rush of people suddenly saying that spent money on something that doesn't do anything.

So in situations like that, sometimes it is best to investigate privately until there is no shadow of a doubt that there is a fault before making a statement.

Alternatively, a statement saying it works could be seen as "The GM said I should get better drops and I haven't, so I want a refund"! Not really a good way to approach it until there is a confirmed issue.

@SpeedierJam1135 said in 400% rare drop:

We can't even get a GM to comment?

Because people have riled themselves up into believing a conspiracy is going on over their own bad luck. There's nothing to comment on, even if a GM came in and said everything is working fine no one would believe them because the people who insist the 400% boosters are broken won't believe anything that suggests they are, even when given evidence, like the fact that they still work towards collection files.

But evidence that something is awry with the number of drops is not admissible, even though it is proven that breaks increase your drops.

Not an overall increase, they don't multiply the drops or anything. When you break a part, it adds a drop from that part's drop pool. In the case of Falz Elder, for example, his arms more likely than not will drop a meseta crystal with a rare chance for it to be one of the units. But if, on the other hand, you manage to beat him without breaking any arms you're still going to get a loot explosion, just sans a handful of meseta crystals from the arms you otherwise might have broken. Sometimes you get a lot of loot, sometimes you don't. That's RNG at work.