Please enable PSO2 outside of NA


I am very much enjoying PSO2 on xbox and I have at lest 600 hours logged over 4 characters, waited 8 years for this and I want this game to do well.

but.. I live in NZ along with my Alliance members and we have several issues..

I am worried why PSO2 does not show in the market place for non NA customers. Please remember PSO Team there are THOUSANDS of potential customers all with money you are missing out on around the world because your game is not visible to them. Please make it available it's a similar problem to the game being only in japan for 8 years.

It then makes it very difficult for these people to purchase ARKS cash because the game doesn't even show on their Xbox and buying gift cards for a different region is risky. We want to give you money but this barrier prevents us. This is an URGENT business problem that you need to fix quickly. We want to give you money but we can't, such a poor business mistake, it's amateur...

I am really enjoying this game and want it to do succeed because there is no reason PSO3 shouldn't be made if this does well. Please prioritize this issue, it's important you get this right.

And yes people.. it's a pain in the arse for non US customers to buy Arks cash. There are alot of people that just can't do it because of the barriers. Not everyone is a super nerd.

Keep up the amazing work I'm sure this is one of many things you are working on because it means we get you paid.

We almost lost you PSO team.. Never again!

Nathan from NZ

The issue with why games don't actually release truly global is due to copyright laws, regional laws, logistics, and many other factors. For this particular release, they only have staff that can support NA, hence why it is NA-exclusive and not an actual global server. There is normally nothing they can do and the fact that Sega is a small company, unlike a company like Square-Enix, it is even more difficult to support more regions.

Some good points there but...

1- There are dozens of small dev teams with global releases. plus Sega have divisions in Europe and other parts of the world, no excuse here. I understand if a little time is needed but the server and client game build is mostly complete it's just content conversion and maintenance.

2- Microsoft is helping, They are and will provide support / servers for this game globally. Phil Spencer said Sega moving the game beyond NA and other platforms is upto Sega. So No Barriers there with licencing etc.

I unfortunately the problems are pointing to Sega and funds. I truly hope this game does well BUT and hear me out..

How can it truly do well if it's only visible to less than half the Xbox and PC player base??

I assume the PC version is high on the priority list but that will have the same problem.

I think it mainly comes to loot boxes in this game. EU has a lot of new laws about it since Battlefront 2 fiasco.

I agree with Vorpal, let non NA people be able to buy premium and put this in the European store. We have many MMORPG games in Europe that come with lootboxes etc so that is no excuse. Sega, you make a mistake is all im saying. BP will come out soon anyway, so at that point I say farewell as they DO release it in EU atleast but hey what can I say, your loss.