PEOPLE OF PSO2 - Members of the community with lol-inspiring looks and actions!

Hello all!

The thought occurred to us that we should have a thread that showcases the creativity and humor lurking in our community members. So, if you chance across an operative who's look or actions make you laugh in appreciation, please share it with us here! We wish we had more time to interact with you all in game and see these sights for ourselves, but we'll settle for screenshots and videos!

Show us what you got, Arks!

Do forgive me for all these are from my play sessions on PSO2 JP, and I also have to apologize for the low resolution on some of these screenshots. Most of the time I didn't bother turning off the UI either. (I wish I had more to share, but sadly I lost so much stuff throughout the years.) If some are inappropriate, I'll delete them. It reminds me though, you guys could use a spoiler BBcode plugin or tags on this forum.

Encountered a Rappy in need of a health check. alt text

Ever seen a Jason Voorhees Rappy? alt text

I call it "Rappy Lost at Sea!" alt text

Rappy Squad Only! alt text


alt text

Hamburgers. alt text

A wild Gengar appeared! alt text

I knew Nyau's were bloodthirsty creatures, but to go after Lilipans!? alt text

'Window Shopping' or Mannequins? alt text

On the 'other' side of MyRoom. alt text

When the game gives you 4 Emergency Codes simultaneously. (It's pretty rare, we got to appreciate the 'lagg' sometimes.) alt text

A friend (Matt) made this screenshot some years ago, I couldn't remember saying 'that' to him during a Quna Concert. alt text

The following aren't funny or creative but still are interesting.

It doesn't happen often, encountering Big Vardha in the Desert Area. It is fascinating each time. I tend to encounter it once a year or 2. It's rather telling when you 'can' expect Big Vardha to make an appearance in Area 2. When your game session holds a Big Vardha spawn, you'll notice that the 'Exit/Entrance cliff' from Area 1 to 2 looks 'unique'. The cliff is situated a bit 'sideways' rather than it being perfectly in front of you. Not talking about the Exit/Entrance location on the map, but the rather unusual appearance of the Exit/Entrance cliff. Wish I had a screenshot of that, It's difficult to describe/imagine it. alt text

alt text

The game has some spectacular views, a couple gems well hidden. Sadly, screenshots don't do them justice. (Especially 'Parallel Areas', the majority of them are quite gorgeous.) alt text

alt text

The castle in Coast Exploration/Expedition, up close. alt text

Sega could do a better job at cleaning though, don't sweep it under the rug. Halloween decorations/assets were found 'underneath' the lobby. Note, this screenshot was made long after the Halloween lobby expired. alt text These practices are actually quite common in the game industry. Instead of removing irrelevant elements and assets from the game, developers prefer to keep them around but move them somewhere (far away) hidden from the players.

Similar stuff happens at Bethesda within their Fallout games. I sadly forgot the name of the infamous room, filled with unused/testing components. There are more examples out there, but the Fallout one came to mind because it got hacked not too long ago.

“How unsightly.... Begging really suit you! -steps on face-0DA763D1-AAEB-4DDC-AFD3-EEBD6DB43FA0.jpeg Now Begone Heathen! 660F19B6-2B95-44BD-AA18-2B734F2A9912.jpeg

Haha! Love it guys. Keep it coming!

alt text

Been playing some PSO2 lately on JP to get ready for the pc release, and just had this exchange with one of my PSO2JP buddies that gave me a chuckle!


Me capturing Quna during a concert.

Some people are blessed with unlimited creativity.

Screenshot made by IknowsTJ. alt text

Credits to JisPso2. alt text

alt text

For the following 3, all credits go to NIRALEVA. alt text

alt text

alt text

octi.png New Coast Monsters Coming 2020

What happens when that silly Lillipan won't bathe? The answer:


@twisted-evil-55 said in PEOPLE OF PSO2 - Members of the community with lol-inspiring looks and actions!:

“How unsightly.... Begging really suit you! -steps on face-

10/10, would be a plaything again. But I immediately got eaten after:

💙 is in the air! But not quite what you expect...


After doing this (all at once)...

alt text

The below is how I felt (timestamp of 3:00 is important):

![alt text](image url)