PC Players - What ship are you going to start on?

For those who don't know, NA currently has 3 ships (servers) online with ships 4 - 6 in eternal encore maintenance. Assuming that they open Ships 4 - 6 for PC players, which ship will you choose?

I could see some players choosing Ships 1 - 3 since previous scratch items they missed (because they don't have an Xbox) will still be available through the player shops there, but I know a lot of people don't want to join those ships because the players are already 4? months ahead of them.

Also talk on the streets is that Ship 4 is supposed to be the RP ship.

I'm going to be aiming for Ship 06 if it's available. I'd rather help start a new economy than to enter an old one.

Most likely SHIP 5 or maybe 6. Prefer the 'least' popular ones. (Not like it's gonna matter. Eventually all SHIPS will be equally populated, the difference in margins will not be noticeable in the end.) Kinda wished SHIP 10 (my home) was going to happen but, oh well. Maybe some years down the line we'll see more SHIPs, doubtful though.

If they opened ship transfer with the PC release, maybe some people become traders travelling between ships? 🙂

@Fiona-Respha said in PC Players - What ship are you going to start on?:

If they opened ship transfer with the PC release, maybe some people become traders travelling between ships? 🙂

The problem with that, is... unlike FFXIV, server transfers only are executed when a maintenance occurs. meaning if you buy a ship transfer, you have to wait until the next maintenance for your character to be moved. This is probably because they, SEGA, don't want to invest in the proper infrastructure to have a web page with said services on it, rather than in game, and force people to be logged out before buying said transfer (with the web page being able to detect whether or not you're currently logged in.)

Ship 1, I'd rather play with friends and associates I've talked to during my wait. I really don't think the other ships will be nearly as lively once PC arrives, but that's my opinion.

Not a pc player but most of my pc buds say Ship 1 since itll be easier to obtain most things.

I always go for the biggest server. More people, less queue times, more help, more items in the market since there's more veteran players and i never really cared about the whole "omg, i can't keep up with people!" thing.


I agree, having a ship with a market that has started is better in my opinion than starting fresh.

Hope to see you guys on Ship 1

Ship 4 baby

Probably the recommended one :D.

@coldreactive Actually, originally Ship transfers were not only at maintenance, they were immediate but with a cool down period before you could transfer that same character again. This was changed in April 2015 likely because people were transferring constantly just to get extra Magatsu runs and this was causing severe server strain.

If there are no free ship transfers I will join my brother on ship 2, if there ARE free transfers I will drag my brother to maybe 5 or 6. (I'm PC, my brother is XBOX)

Ship 4-6 mainly for a fresh start