Report a player option via arks search

I keep finding players with super offensive player names, they are showing up in my sell history and there is no way to report them form there nor from the arks search, please add a option to do so, and yes I know this is a M rated game but people need to grow up stop using gay or racial demeaning terms for the player names or character names

Edit as @coldreactive pointed out there is a report option on the site here and I have used it but I feel like it would help out the team better if the player repot function was available via the arks search

You can submit a request against a "Malicious Player" in the support site:

alt text

We have to manually write out a "harassment" report in FFXIV every time we find a bad player. So be glad you even have a report option that does everything for you.

@coldreactive I should of added that I did do this but there still should be an option to do so in game aswell besides being near that character

But thanks for pointing it out here as well others may not know how to do this ^^