Before ppl start hating on game

pos2 basic u can play it on Platforms: Microsoft Windows · Android · PlayStation 4 · Nintendo Switch · PlayStation Vita · Xbox One · iOS in jap. Its why the game looks out dated they not going update. Ppl over there still play it on vita,ios an on Android still an there is no plans on updating the game to look better

Considering there are basically no sci-fi MMORPGs out in the west, I don't think PSO2 is going to need to worry about that. WildStar shut down after all. However, NCSoft over-estimated demand for WildStar, which is why they ended up shutting it down.

@oldColdReactive true but there ppl like that will start something over it soon or later

I'm not sure what there is to update regarding graphics.

@Rantious said in Be for ppl start hateing on game:

I'm not sure what there is to update regarding graphics.

Same. It's actually almost on par with FFXIV in terms of character models and certain things. (Though with more physics) But with PSO2 being more fast-paced, there isn't as much need to update land textures.

@Rantious I fig I put it out there just in case if ppl start something so they know ahead of time why the game looks the way it does so ppl won't start hating