What is part of the contribution? (Defend Base Urgent)

Hi guys, so, after a week more event than urgent, I am now officially asking the question what all of the contribution belongs to. First of all, I completely overlooked this and only killed opponents. After seeing this, I wondered what it all included. So how about "best practice"? I think you only have to tag the opponents, so you have to hit once and then run off to the next mob etc. etc. With the bosses who spawn there I guess that the damage counts there? And how are the repairs counted or the shield that you can set up, which I have not used before. Does it count more points when you sit on a railgun?

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What affects your contribution score:

  • Doing the final hit on enemies
  • Picking crystals

There may be other stuff, but the players individual score isn't important, what's important is keeping the towers with as much health as possible.

The score system is really poorly thought out though, a player that does the most overall damage in the whole group can end up with a low score due to not getting the final hit on enemies.

Though, the 3 players that do the most damage receive special titles in the end, I dunno what are the names of the titles in the NA version, but the fan patch in the JP version named those titles as Ruler of Destruction (highest damage done to enemies), Destroyer and Crusher (not sure which is 2nd and which is 3rd). Unfortunately some other lesser titles, like the title from getting 1st in one wave (Future Ace in the JP fan patch), can override the damage titles...

To add to Ezodagrom's list, 'First hit on enemies' is also a contributing factor to the individual score. But indeed it needs to be emphasized that 'individual' scores are meaningless. It would have been better if it never existed. A lot of players sadly get distracted by it, to the point of losing sight of what really matters.

I used to be one of those in my early days. When I was younger, I only sought glory to stroke my own ego. Too focused on "what's best for me" instead of "what's best for the MPA". But as time moves on, one comes to understand that in the end it doesn't matter. Getting '1st place' won't get you rewarded with anything special nor will your name go down in history for it.

True greatness on the battlefield is to be achieved by anticipating and adjusting one self to the MPA and towards the course of the battle. (What does the MPA need of me? Not the other way around.) If you see the other 11 players 'heedlessly' converting towards one point of the map, due the majority of the people having their mind set on; "Where the action is, is where I need to be". Make sure that you are the one covering the other part of the map, even if it seems nonsensical. It will adorn you, cause there will come a point in time that the rest of the MPA will arrive too late to the other side of the map once enemies start spawning over there. But you anticipating it, will be there to hold the line until reinforcements come. (Or you kill all enemies before that happens.) Mining Base UQ's is all about 'coverage' & 'communication'.

Remember this great quote as you play any of the Mining Base UQ's;

"Water covers two-thirds of the Earth. I cover the rest."

The advice mentioned above doesn't really apply to the first Mining Base UQ, as it barely needs strategy nor tactics to get a perfect run on it. But from the second version and onward, it could be 'the' deciding factor in saving those towers. And or getting a S-Rank.

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Yeah, bases first. Everything else second. First one or two waves you can focus maybe solely on positive crystal drops. But on after Wave 2 dedicate yourself to tower defense/management. Otherwise its all but gauranteed to be a B-Rank affair. ;~)

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you mean on the mining base 3 now?

I'm not 100% Mining Base UQ 1 vs. 2 vs. 3. But this thread was for the 1st NA one. What you're calling 3 (JP?) I think is the 2nd NA one. Detailed here quite niceleh!


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Yeah I stopped caring about the personal score and worried about the towers. Any crystals should be used on the tower for def. I tend to do the 1st hits with the most damage while other are ignoring the enemies and collecting crystals. Then they come hit the enemy and get the final points. I mean I guess it is a league and it's almost pvp but I seen people go as far as not reviving people because they are competing for the points.

Nope, the name of the Urgent is 3! We dont got the 1th one...