Dear Allies,

I have just created my own alliance on Ship 3 Thorn called Perses. I welcome anyone creative to join. So far I have tinkered more with my different characters and symbol art more than the game itself. I do have multiple characters, but the leader of this alliance is a new character, named Kagame. My Player ID Name is Hecate. 130d2d51-63ed-4499-80d5-d34a5a1b5073-image.png

Perses is a Titan god of destruction and also father of Hecate. Hecate is known as the witch goddess in Greek mythology and was allowed to keep her heavenly powers as a titan. She is almost always depicted with a torch. I love themes and names with a little bit of history. My main point of creating this Alliance is to produce creative content focusing on symbol art, character creation, the most irregular class setups, and getting the chance to see everyone's different approach to the game.

Hecate.jpeg IMG_0704.jpg

Feel free to create your own art and play how you want. I don't really have rules, but whoever has the Torch for the week plans the event. I'm willing to party up even if we're not in the same Alliance. Join me on here for a chat or my discord which is hyperlinked at the bottom of this post.


Best Regards, Hecate b92a0a08-2e54-47af-ab99-f3ad821af001-image.png

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