I thought this should be under a lore discussion, although it could be under a gameplay disscusion as well. Not sure if it should be here at all, but here we go. Is there a lore reason on why I need stamina to fish and harvest materials? It really bothers me when you have a character who can swing multiple large weapons around like they were twigs and cast healing space magic constantly but don't seem able to swing a pickaxe for more than a minute or two before calling it quits. Same for fishing, physically fit people can fish all day, some even make a career out of it. I just wanna know if there's like a special photon that makes our fancy space pickaxe work that we can only get from using a special item we can only buy with real world money. This is half a complaint, but also still feeling curious if there is a lore reason behind physically exceptional person with space magic not being able to do some mining and fishing all day instead of fighting a bunch of random aliens, robots and space penguins.

It's mainly a free to play reason more so. I've not seen any lore reason for it, nor any lore reason for why gathering tools are one-time use. TERA doesn't have a lore reason for its stamina system either (which is even worse now than it used to be, since gathering and crafting used to have separate stamina pools in TERA.)

I dont know but I do know that to mine tomatoes with a pickaxe you cant exactly do it the normal way.

If there has to be a lore reason, it would probably be a measure to keep their Operatives from damaging the ecosystems of worlds via over-fishing and over-harvesting.