Text bugs megathread

Lets try posting all text / dialogue related bugs to this thread to keep them all in one place.

Things to Include

  • Name of the dialogue or NPC with the bug.
  • The incorrect text, or a description of the problem.
  • Which quest / area of the game it was found in.
  • The size and resolution of your screen if you know it.

Pro tips

  • You can type 4 hyphens to create a line in order to separate multiple bugs in a single post.

For all following issues

  • Screen - 85", 4K TV

  • Quest - Weapon Swapping is Key!
  • NPC/Dialogue - The Weapon Palette

When doing the tutorial with Afin on weapon swapping, "The Weapon Palette" dialogue has the text "weaponandthe" and "canswap them outto". It looks like that text just needs to be split apart.

In "weaponandthe" - "weapon" and "the" are both yellow. In "canswap them outto" - "swap them out" is yellow.

In general it looks like some of the "yellow" text is missing spacing around it in a few dialogues.

  • Quest - Forest Exploration(N)
  • NPC/Dialogue - Bridgette

During the quest "Forest Exploration(N)" some of the text displayed for Bridgette on the left hand side of the screen is broken up oddly, and split into multiple lines in odd places.

  • Quest - N/A
  • NPC/Dialogue - Customization

When first opening the Customization menu after making it to the Lobby, the 2nd page of the Tutorial Dialogue has the text "[Online Manual Url]" at the bottom with nothing below it. I'm guessing that is supposed to have the actual url to the online manual below it, like in other tutorial dialogues.

EDIT: Also found in the following locations.

Inventory tutorial dialogue, page 1.

  • Quest - Prologue 0
  • NPC/Dialogue - Area Title

After completing the first part of the prologue, when Zeno shows up, the field area is titled "ForestArea2". Looks like that should be spaced out into "Forest Area 2".

  • Quest - Prologue 0
  • NPC/Dialogue - Movement

In the prologue the text "Move forward with Left Stick and jump into theTelepool" should have a space between 'the" and "Telepool".

  • Quest - N/A
  • NPC/Dialogue - Character creation

The game suggests pressing Ctrl + Z to undo any mistakes when creating your character when playing using a controller on Xbox One.

  • Quest - Know how to set photon arts?
  • NPC/Dialogue - Discs for Photon Arts and Techniques

"ones you start out with,you must learn" should be a space after the comma.

  • Quest - Know how to set techniques?
  • NPC/Dialogue - Afrin

In the message "If you forget... " the sentence "Pretty easy peasy <line break> to <line break> let it slip your mind, though." should have fewer line breaks in it.

  • Quest - Mag license
  • NPC/Dialogue - Cofy

In the message "Mags are mechanical lifeforms you can equip! <line break> Not <line break> only..." the word "Not" is on a line all by itself.

  • Quest - N/A
  • NPC/Dialogue - System

"We are currently a large-scale operation" is missing "preparing for" between "currently" and "a".

  • Quest - Any Daily Quest with the Boost
  • NPC/Dialogue - System

"Daily Boost raised to 5%" should be "Daily Boost increased by 5%".

Did this ever get fixed?