Increase max camera distance

Even at max distance it still feels too close for an MMORPG. Like one more step would be nice, maybe 2.

Agree. hopefully performance doesn't take too much hit. perhaps in a team of 4 it can be increased. 12 player will tank the fps i suspect.

I too agree with this and know for a fact that from a technical standpoint there's nothing preventing it. There used to be a mod called Arks Mod Tool that let you do just this on the PC version until the developer stopped working on it. Each update required it to be re-targeted to the current version which was a hassle each time it had to be done. This was done by the same guy that got the game working using an Oculus Rift as well.

Also ... how's the Virtual Drive announced in PSO2 On Stage coming? We're quickly approaching the year that thing is first announced. 😉

Please, this! I just started playing phantom and the camera is infuriating, it doesn't properly track vertically so my character jumps and does attacks and i can't see when to time for perfect attack because he's not even on the screen, lock-on keeps randomly unlocking so i end up ulting the in the direction of the nearest empty space which is useless, and when i use the manual targetting mode, I can't see anything! All i see is my character's back and some of the boss texture, i can't see when the enemy is charging any attacks or anything coming in from the sides, it's just ridiculous, thought this was meant to be more action oriented but it just feels impossible and not fun with the way the camera is set up currently, I ended up taking a break to play ESO since the camera is better there, but I enjoy my JARPGs 😞 Please let us zoom out further in both camera modes, and ideally, allow the camera to track when jumping too so I can actually do mid-air combat >_>

A manual control functionality on camera zoom overall wouod be nice. Much better than the affixed camera that we have for screenshots. Just replace that system with one that allows for full player control of the normal camera, and players will have an easier time, both during combat, and grabbing screenshots.

The camera you get in Mop-Up Limited Quest is so nice and I wish I could have it all the time.

What, don't you enjoy being backstabbed? That is also why you can see through bosses. "Fun" or something.