Increase max camera distance

Even at max distance it still feels too close for an MMORPG. Like one more step would be nice, maybe 2.

Agree. hopefully performance doesn't take too much hit. perhaps in a team of 4 it can be increased. 12 player will tank the fps i suspect.

I too agree with this and know for a fact that from a technical standpoint there's nothing preventing it. There used to be a mod called Arks Mod Tool that let you do just this on the PC version until the developer stopped working on it. Each update required it to be re-targeted to the current version which was a hassle each time it had to be done. This was done by the same guy that got the game working using an Oculus Rift as well.

Also ... how's the Virtual Drive announced in PSO2 On Stage coming? We're quickly approaching the year that thing is first announced. 😉