AI "bugs"/Cut-Ins blocking field of vision/Lookbook Freezes

AI "bugs"

On my caster class especially my AI companions at times will literally just stand there doing nothing but making chat bubbles. Other times mobs will just stop doing anything at all as if I'm not up in their faces ready to fight. Maybe it's lag or maybe a range of engagement issue in the coding. If I'm the only person this is happening to then perhaps I just need to reinstall the game.


Just got done running through "The Reason behind Your Birth" and there are certain parts where the AI companions' cut-ins block our ability to see the targeting reticule and mobs. Don't want to go into too much detail in case of spoilers. I can't find an option for cut-in placement. On the edge of the screen would help at least for these bits in particular.

Lookbook freezes

Pretty self explanatory. The game freezes any time I enter or exit the lookbook. I imagine its possibly due to constant updating and imagine we'll just have to deal with it until the X-series. Don't really want to waste money on a One X when next gen is right around the corner. I'm on a One S currently.

The Xbox One S is actually the reason why its resolution is lower than the Xbox One / X. There are numerous posts on the matter of lag, performance issues, and it often comes down to people using the standard Xbox One or the Xbox One S.